Tap 2 Connect

Add Tap.Gold Stickers

Allow your business to compete with interactive touchpoints on displays, products or anything you can stick a sticker to.

Tap.Gold Cards

Wallet Sized cards are perfect for linking your business on the go! one time investment saves you countless money in Business Cards studies have shown 88% will just be thrown out within the week. Save The Environment BUT Really Save Your $$$$!

NFC is the FUTURE!

Be innovative instead of reactive to today’s technologically driven society

How it works?

The Tap.Gold Card is a physical card that you can carry around in your wallet or purse. On the back of the card is a special chip that allows the user to tap the back of any phone and immediately pull up your information. Now when you want to connect with someone, meet new people, or promote your brand you don’t have to hand out business cards, or explain anything. You can just tap the back of their phone and boom your information pops up on their screen. Think of it as a physical QR code that works with ANY phone and can be used over and over again.

You can use Gold Card for:
– Meeting new people
– Promoting your brand
– Getting more likes on social media
– Increasing views on YouTube
– Increasing traffic to your blog or website
– Giving potential customers more information about your company