The only place SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary.

– Vidal Sassoon.

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God helps those who help themselves.

(Most of the time you see people spreading this message as a quote from bible. Some also say it’s against God’s grace. This reference is found in Bible, Quran & Jewish teachings as well. The fun part is, they all are wrong about it’s origin. It’s a motto/phrase originated from ancient greece way before any major religion was born. This quote emphasizes on importance of self-initiative efforts.)

Focus on your work, because your work is your responsibility & identity.
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I don’t believe in partnerships, strictly talking about work & money/business. Whatever i own in life fully belongs to me & this will never change. That’s the reason i hate unenthusiastic people who think everything will be served on plate without putting enough efforts. Again that’s the only differentiator of what kinda HUMAN BEING you are, what’s your actions towards what you want to achieve!!

If you truly want to achieve something, work your way out & stay away from those who can’t bring their A-game to the table. Unenthusiastic people are toxic for your growth.

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Destiny is not a chance and definitely it’s not given. It’s all about making right set of choices with an informed brain at right time. You have to be observant. You never wait for it because you have to achieve it. So three things to watch out here: AN INFORMED BRAIN, YOUR EFFORTS & RIGHT CHOICES IN RIGHT TIME.

Your efforts & choices may vary depending on what kind of person you are, it also depends on your upbringing. But an informed brain is the driving force here. In modern day, there is nothing called intelligence or IQ without being informed. Information is the real knowledge. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, keep educating yourself every single day about what’s happening around you and also what’s right/wrong with the world you live in. DESTINY IS MEANT FOR THE DOERS WITH INFORMED MIND.

(I like this song. Nothing to do with the post above.)

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True me.. Tap-477..

I have travelled to Prague, Brussels, Vienna, Helsinki, Paris, Athens, Dublin, Oslo, Warsaw, Krakow, Rome, Budapest, Lisbon, Debrecen, Vatican City, Kiev, Cologne & last one Berlin because of my doctorate studies. Yesterday I shared one of my old snapchat memories outta fun & each time I travelled to any of these European cities my stories had one line in common “My favourite European city I have visited so far”. And yes there are some cities I have travelled 5-6 times. I fully agree that’s the one line I paste on every snap.

Since then my bestie has started taunting me about “Why am I so lazy to post a story without mentioning anything!!?” This bitch has literally started trespassing my privacy & property both since a while. Now few fuckers from university group also got a new topic to discuss about TAP whole day. I know there is not much to do outside because of corona virus situation, still this is not the right way to spend time. Try discussing about those days when I faked death on April fool’s day with the help of Ivan’s motorcycle, summer sausage & some ketchup. That story has more fun baked in & can be made into a 3 season Netflix series anyday if anyone can make a good script out of it.

Now about the accusation/taunt by Demi. When I travel to any place out of my city, it’s either for work (paid trip by employer/client) or I must have travelled with a gang of 15-16 friends. The fuck I got time to spend in snapchat & write few lines about that trip, not a fan of using phone for longer period of time anyways. I spend most free time in gym/pool/barbeque with friends or with my iPad because I got all OTT subscriptions free after activating new postpaid plan with international roaming. I am not enthusiastic about cities, every big city feels the same & I am not a fan of these concrete jungles. My parents still live in a town where nearest airport is at 6-7 hour drive away, though the mountainous roads are soothing & it’s always worth it to take a trip. Last time I visited home was in 18-January-2019. No matter where I stay, I am still a 76 kilo 184cm tall huge athletic active raw happening kid who loves climbing mountains, horse riding, gym, calisthenics, beaches, river rafting & hunting wild boars in jungle at night. Not a country guy but I love the vibe of being surrounded/supported by nature. Hopefully I am little happening than usual crowd & I love the way I am.

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Peace of mind, self satisfaction, and efforts to become the best version of myself with my capabilities, in my eyes this is the SUCCESS that I achieve little by little every single day.

I was dreaming about so many things like any other person. Now i enjoy waking up & working towards it. It’s not about how hard the journey is. It’s about how much we enjoy it!! Sometimes we have to swim to catch the ship if it’s not coming towards us. That little effort is fun. Work is fun. Being successful also means being workaholic by choice.

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Your intelligence, education, qualification, looks & skills are worth nothing if your character is not in sync with life. To earn the legitimacy of being a valuable asset to your work & society, you need to keep on being a TRUTHFUL YOU at every phase of life.

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