True me.. Tap-455..

Truthful people lift souls, that’s the reason you feel desired around them. On the other hand, every LIAR is a low-key narcissist who works only towards getting some instantaneous petty favor.

Once you spot/catch a liar, next step is a complete disconnection from that piece of shit. I talk about liars a lot, because i have worked my way out from everything/everyone that wasn’t serving my good. You too should do the same. Keep reminding yourself “We live life to vibe & grow”.

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True me.. Tap-451..

I don’t mind leaving undeserving people behind out in cold. Whether you are a friend or anything to me, I focus/work on setting up a gold standard bond. Anything goes wrong, I will be the one who slipped away.

TRUTH haunts, name it “MISSING“.

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True me.. Tap-447..

I have seen people romanticizing stability or commitment with their out of style ways which results nothing but shitloads of sadness & grief in return. (Even before anyone asks I am mentioning here OUT OF STYLE means redundant, repetitive patterns, or something which used to work a while back but now it’s poo-poo hit the fan. I know few who use the translation button below to read in their language.)

There are many suffering without money & there are some who have money but still suffering because lack of gratitude. Living a meaningful life is actually an IDEA which helps you see yourself under a positive light, Truth & Gratitude are first two steps.

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True me.. Tap-266..

I know I am rude, ruthless, ambitious, enthusiastic, self-invested, truthful & desirable. I use & misuse every single word I mentioned. In my dictionary, there are no other emotions exist which can overpower TRUTH. You see LIAR written, you read & pronounce it as liar. I see/read/pronounce nothing but an INSECT in it, I said I am ruthless.

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It’s only mathematics where two negatives multiply to result something positive, anywhere else you only need right to get the right.

True me.. Tap-239..

When someone says “NO” to something I am talking about, for me that implies “I can’t achieve what I want till such naysayers exist in my life”.

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