Stop looking for shortcuts. If it’s worth it, you will find a way.


Laziness is the beginning of inconsistency & instability in life. There is nothing great created by a lazy person in this world. Solution is nothing but a disciplined mindset.


Set an amazing goal & let it scare you till you achieve it. What’s the point of life if you don’t at least try to fetch something remarkable!!

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Every ending or beginning has a ONE-DAY & DAY-ONE written over it. There are times when we get stuck in our head about something for a long long time, Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness.

Keep those things away from life which don’t help you live postive & think positively. Keeping own head occupied with things that matter is a challenge but keep trying. You can’t go to next chapter if you keep on reading the same page every single time. NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES.

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Every next step major step of your life will demand a different & better version of you. So first find a balance between what you have to be & what you want to be.

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Yes, we humans are afraid of FAILURE. So many times we have fear of doing wrong, saying wrong, anger, agony, lying, cheating & deceit. This way of fearful living holds us back towards all positive aspects of life.

Instead of keeping that FEAR alive & being stuck, once start thinking “Will you be happy to carry the same FEAR within next year as well!?”. This should be your FEAR. Change yourself & love yourself bit more to see the bright side of life.

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Sometimes people/situations will not stand up to their respective purpose. Don’t go upset during such moments. It will boil down to how you react & handle. Meanwhile those who raise voice always show up with poor arguments. Keep your head calm & voice calmer during such situations. It’s your consent which allows others to hurt you.

Maintaining own sanity in modern world is the toughest challenge with so many things going wrong around. A person with instability in life is easy to mess with. Every RIGHT thing will show up in life once you stop entertaining the WRONG.

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Forgiving, Forgetting & Waiting all are painful. Picking one of these three is a tough task, yet pick one to move forward with life. That’s how you can find your real true self.