Sauce for the day!!

Don’t know why I listened to this song on loop during a 500+ km long roadtrip. Hell yeah, shared the same in Snapchat before a while.😜

Current Playlist..😜

No matter where i am, few tracks sooth my soul & help me being the sassy-TAP while doing my 200 push ups before taking a cold shower.

(Tiny mention: Hey polish bum, my hands are missing all your 4 cheeks. muuaaaaahhhh).

Eyy Bestie.. It’s so you..

Yeah, nice Punjabi track. Let me explain it’s meaning to my non-brown mates. The girl’s hook of this song says:

“Promise today, you will buy me PRADA.
Or else keep staring at me from far away.
I will get a new lover easy peasy.”

Someone must have thought about my bestie bitch before writing this song’s lyrics. This can be the perfect GOLD DIGGER anthem.

SORRY Dumb Demi..
I adore you GRANNY..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ muaaaaahhhh..

In love with this..

Snowball Panda Rap by Kevin Hart from Secret life of pets 2. This shit is real deal. I can watch this video a million times on loop. Now I am pretty damn sure about stealing this name “SNOWBALL” for my future husky.😜

True me.. Tap-108..

Only TRUTH will bring you a life without regrets. And when you lead a life without regrets, you too can dance like TAP to a BLACK EYED PEAS song in kitchen just wearing boxer shorts while making pancakes for Sunday cheat meal.πŸ˜‚

My only point is, you are the torch bearer of your destiny. Lighten it with Truth & Positivity.

Tap OUT..😘

Sauce for the day!!

A track kinda pandering my little life. Somewhat close, not this grandeur. I am just enjoying the attention & affection I receive. Enough me btw, I love this song.

Sauce for the day!!

One of those tracks which remind me my early engineering days. Now a days you can’t find such songs where you can shake a leg or dance as you want & smack a booty too if you are lucky.πŸ˜‚

Lines by Akon are amazing in this track.