True me.. Tap-324..

Money, fame or success whatever you want, all starts from a DESIRE. Desire to be a bigger better you. DESIRE to do the right at right time. Misunderstandings are inevitable. Let people term you “GREEDY”, it’s just a phase & you will get rid of it.

I still write/maintain a dairy. These few lines I found from the page of 17/September/2017. I started my tiny health supplement business that day. You might be reading it like just another stupid motivation filled lines. These lines were outcome of a beef with few frenemies that I dumped the same year. Basically it’s a kick to my butt by myself where I failed to evaluate people or I failed in their eyes, anyway it’s a nonsense to me now. We discard unnecessary people, products & possesion time to time. It’s just a part of LIFE.

Tap OUT..🤗