Babies: always works!!😍

Someone shared this video in university WhatsApp group & I just nicked it. Don’t know about other parents/people, I love it when kids swear something unknowingly. Now don’t ask me why Rob’s 2yr old toddler calls me “TAPPIE” with a huge smile & says “ASSHOLE” to his dad.

Everybody thinks “I LOVE KIDS”, it’s actually the other way around “KIDS LOVE ME”. Reason; I still wear Tom and Jerry hoodies once in a while & I know I can bribe them ice cream or cheesecake to join #teamTAP.
Tap OUT..😜

True me.. Tap-148..

I have taken little bit inspiration & experience on why/where/how/what I went through my life!!

Sneakers, joggers, hoodie/round neck t-shirt, little bit skating, gym & pizza, because I am still the same 13 street smart assholic kid.

Cheesecake, roasted lemon pepper chicken barbecue & wine with blue crab caviar nachos, because I turn classy after 9pm twice in a week.

Business enthusiast, data analytics & PhD, because I never want to stop learning.

Boots, boobs, beaches, bitches, shopping, better flight/hotel deals, because I am one self-made INDEPENDENT DICK & I met none who’s worth of my LOVE or LOYALITY.

Tap OUT..😘

True me.. Tap-133..

I never hide shit about me. Yes my heart behaves like a huge sensible 76 kilo kid. But my head is the JUGGERNAUT which keeps me driving towards a better tomorrow everyday.

That’s the reason my words go tough/cut-throat sometimes; TRUTH first, LOGIC next & then I reach to catch up with your or my emotions. It should be like that, emotional investments must be concrete & tested thoroughly.

Tap OUT.πŸ€—

Tap my thoughts.. 100

Yes, I am a huge naughty quirky flirtatious kid.
Pals from my secondary school & high school still cherish me as the KING, oh I mean king of dick jokes.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ

A real life brave heart..

The world seems a much better place when i read such stories in news. Everyone must admire this young guy’s spirit towards his studies & life. What more do you need to get inspired? This kid’s happy face & optimism is just amazing. Kudos to you little brother, let the almighty bless you a ton more every next moment.

Read the entire article here:

OK. Count me bad..

First watch this video. I am a fan of this kiddo.

Maybe i was an bigger asshole 20 years back being a tiny-Tap. My feelings for my younger brother was exactly the same. I have tortured him so bad when i was a kid. But now my younger brother is a friend to me with whom i can definitely discuss which girl had the nicest ass in the beach.

Kid in a flight!!

Yesterday i returned after attending an sadful event from a city nearby.

I got the A seat in my row. There was an entire family of 4 was sitting by side. An extremely gorgeous wife with an enormously fat husband & their two kids (one 3 year old boy & a 7 year old girl).

That 3 year old boy pinched me while i was asleep, asked for peeping through the window for a clear blue sky glimpse. I make him sit on my lap & he was there for few minutes. My sleep was broke. So I picked my phone out from my jogger’s pocket to play some song & plugged my headphones. Suddenly that kid said; his dad too has the same pixel phone. & He asked me to hand it over to him. Before i can give it to his small hands, his father waved & signed me not to give him phone. That kid spotted his dad for nodding head with a NO to his little request. & His next line was; “Dad is an asshole; don’t listen to him”.

I was sad since past 2 days because of a life lost around me. & Idk why, that 3 year old’s words seemed like gold to me. Suddenly pictures from my future started flashing in my brain. After 17-18 years; me being an average looking demi-god hunk at my start 40s, my gorgeous wifey at her mid-30s on fleek as usual & our cute af little kid being the filthiest around the hood (cute because of my girl & filthiest; because that’s my sperm). That was the first smile in my face after 39 hours.

Life seems amazing when you are getting loved & taken care by someone who is there for you 24/7.