Be humble & cultivate humility towards every HUMAN you come in touch with.

(The only suggestion I will give myself if I could have met myself 10 years back.)

True me..Tap-168..

It took me plenty of courage & strong will-power to become a human from a disastrous monster on the run. I know, I am True to myself & everyone else. I dreamed a life without lies, all who fit there are onboard already.

Tap OUT..πŸ’ͺ


Yes I fail sometimes. Failure is so human in nature. I am talking in terms of business/money perspective. But I never put good money/experience on bad money/experience once again.

True me.. Tap-140..

Your ego, lying, cheating, manipulation, deceit, tampering, hiding, sidelining & sexual addiction all are DEVIL in a relationship which is there inside you.

Being a human, you have enough knowledge to understand & separate what’s right or what’s wrong!! People who bullshit always get confused between apology or appreciation. Don’t break something that you can’t fix. Don’t do something wrong if you don’t know how to ask forgiveness.

Tap OUT..πŸ‘

True me.. Tap-93..

We all fail once or twice. We lie, we behave deceptive, we hide, we regret. Remember once or twice.

I have been through this as well. Now the best part about me is my TRUTH. The power in my voice is my determination. That TRUTH gives me enough courage to thrash anything/anyone that’s not meeting my standards. Doesn’t matter how good or bad it is, I don’t LIE. I am not a good person, still evolving as a Human. Striving to be a better stronger me.

Tap OUT.. Blessed..πŸ€—

Facts about Human brain!!

1: If a guy is standing next to a girl legs apart & hands flimsy, then that guy has close to zero intentions in pursuing the girl for a long-term commitment. It’s just some physical attraction.

2: At/before the age of 16, 80% of all people have already met or at least crossed path eye-to-eye with the person they will marry.

3: The inability to fall asleep at night means, chances you are awake in someone’s dream/thoughts.

4: When you tell your entire plan and goals to someone, your motivation goes low & chances to success narrows down. Be little secretive.

5: If you will try to make everyone happy, you will end up being lonely. Learn to let go the takers.

6: There are some instances of life which makes you understand you are wrong, actually you are more horrible than that. Please don’t fool your own brain.

7: Human brain spends most of it’s time replaying memories which aren’t gonna last, till you assure yourself you are 100% true individual.

8: If you are missing someone and can’t express it to them, you will end up physically sick too soon.

9: It only takes one negative thought to spoil & self sabotage your entire week.

10: Intelligent people are more likely to remain faithful and loyal in a relationship.

11: When you do anything bad to someone, it takes around 14 years to forget and forgive yourself.

12: Your favourite song is your favourite, because you associate a person or place to it.

13: Creative people always suffer from anxiety.

14: When you start lying to cover a lie, your self-esteem starts degrading and you start doubting over your each/every action.

15: The best person in your life is the one who comes to your mind first as you read this. Now please don’t read it again or think again.

LIARS: The insects on earth..

Wanna know the only two things I hate on earth; Lie & Liars.

I respect everything & everyone that God created. Doesn’t matter you are a murderer or a thief; In case you have the guts to admit your truth, you deserve the same respect as I do being a HUMAN.

But liars, the worst part is they even imagine about faking a bullshit & believe they fooled someone with that. They forget it’s their mind which is already signalling them it’s a lie & they are already downgraded as a human in their own eyes. They lied themselves, not the other side.

Being a legit human what should be your step towards avoiding these insects; Put a bigger price tag on your emotions, legitimacy & real pride. So when such liars come with their 2 penny lies, they must understand how expensive it is to afford your truth.

Tap the TRUTH.. 😘

Heart wrenching article.. πŸ’”

The world is actually running out of certain things like water & chocolate, tequila. My request+message to everyone of you; please stop wasting water in your day to day life.

Consume chocolate & tequila as much as you want before others finish it. πŸ˜‚

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