True me.. Tap-218..

You don’t need to believe in Zodiac signs or Horoscope till your life gets involved with another person, name it a RELATIONSHIP/LOVE or even with BUSINESS/WORK SITUATIONS. You can be the strongest ever individual till someone becomes capable enough to explore/exploit you physically/emotionally & fucks your sanity. Zodiac sign pairs matter for a reason.

Just an example; Barack Obama is a Leo & Michelle Obama is Capricorn. That’s a POWER COUPLE, you know who’s the lion & who’s his queen in this relationship. Now towards current US president Donald Trump who’s a Gemini & Melania Trump who’s a Taurus, I will let you decide who’s the DICK & who’s PUSSY in this equation!!?😜

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Astrology & Horoscope are FAKE!! Really??

Astrology & Horoscope, you don’t need to believe it. You need to understand it. It has more to do with your health & behaviour. Yes they matter, and educate yourself instead of being in denial.

Leo TRAITS. No subtle..😜

I shared this because my bestie keeps on pinching me with such screenshots & sights 2-3 examples of me being a dick occasionally. Either ways THANKS. I hope it makes someone aware, smile or laugh.😘

True me.. Tap-112..

Usually people think these Tarot Cards/Astrology/Horoscope all are bullshit. Let me ensure you, you are perfectly right. I would rather suggest you to stop believing in GOD as well. Be True & Do Good; You just follow this one tiny thing. You don’t need to get worried about anything else except your happiness & stay sorted you will get it.

Only Karma is true when you see/measure your own life. How others & other elements of work/love/business will mess with your life are rest things like astrology or tarot cards.

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All elements Tarot PREDICTIONS (AUGUST-2019)..

Here’s a 3-Card spread for each element.
Mainly focused on your sun sign(COLLECTIVE).
It may or may not connect with everyone, tarot picks the energy not the outcome. You always have your free will. Suggestions are for those who seek.

We all mess it up, don’t lose hope. You first need mental peace & emotional stability for being a better individual/being successful. Definitely it’s your life, deal it with Truth, pride & happiness.

I don’t like talking about relationship predictions, take it how it resonates. It may be associated to work or family situations as well.


Some good communication(Card-1) which gave you enough courage to embark on a new journey like a direction-less playful happy fool(Card-2). At the end someone is giving you bread crumbs after promising a full course meal(Card-3), or trying to balance the scale of situation what you went through. I don’t think this is what you are looking for at the end of such a beautiful effort/promise in your communication.

Air sign people; In case you resonate with this, just don’t accept whatever/whoever coming your way. Understand your worth and ask yourself “Are you happy/fulfilled with what you are receiving for your efforts?” It’s time to separate your friends and frenemies, not all approach with purity in heart/mind. Don’t let your emotions take you on a ride. Take lessons from past & move ahead towards your own well-being. Being selfish isn’t bad at points when you know the TRUTH.


You are left out in cold(Card-1). You are waiting for communication(Card-2). You are either juggling/manipulating between people, work or something only you know(Card-3).
Scenario 1: You are badly stuck in your head about how to balance work & family/love life.
Scenario 2: Your partner came to know about you juggling between two people, now you are left out in cold by them & waiting for some communication to make amends. Basically it’s a betrayal/cheating from your side. Deal with it how you can.

Earth sign individuals are known for stability, deep thinking and loyality, it’s sad that none of you are in your elements. Focus on your finances/career. In love, you are showing tremendous non-committal ways that too topped with a thick layer of ego & indecisiveness. Same shit going on since past couple of months. Instead of micromanaging each situation with lies, try TRUTH/ask for some help (Either reach a psychiatrist/a saint or your best friend for counseling, as preferred & whom you believe). Stick/pick one if you name it LOVE, or be single and enjoy life till you are sure about entering a relationship. Being deceitful with complete knowledge is sign of a sick retarded weak mindset. Love can’t prosper/start under lies.


Knight of wands is my Playboy/Playgirl card who is all about power and passion, who gets frustrated in case he/she isn’t getting what’s needed for the present moment. He is also known as the action taker(Card-1). The world is all about completions, a major life cycle/job/relationship or maybe the pages in your passport is not left for more seals. Something is completed/ended or needs a reboot, either start from scratch or skip it. This also talks about relocation from one place to another(Card-2). You have a offer of job or some sort of financial opportunity. Page of Pentacles is about wisdom & abundance(Card-3).

You fire sign people; in case you are done hanging/banging/travelling around the world this month, you have an offer related to work or business on the horizon. Examine it properly before accepting. Rejection is a pleasure too if it’s not coming from a right place with Legit intentions. Not much in relationship department for you. But Venus is in LEO right now which is the ruling planet of LOVE. All fire signs must be feeling the warmth. Have some fun with the attention you are getting. Life is about being happy without hurting others and not having illicit intentions.


Death to the old ways. You have something to finish before something to begin(Card-1). You are thinking about it a lot for quite a while(Card-2). Four of wands is all about that happy life happy wife 11:11 card. Maybe after a long time you are starting something or finishing something to start something. And at the end you are getting immense happiness. Of course it’s relating to your past person or past efforts of a really long time. Your efforts reached a fruition(Card-3).

Not much to say. I think you all water sign people are ready to enter a healthy happy relationship/commitment/marriage or a new job contract in coming days. You people are amazing me since past 2 months. I haven’t seen such loyal hearts and fabulous manifestors. You deserve this beautiful begining you were working towards since quite long. Some blessings come from GOD & some from Universe. You are enjoying blessings from Universe. Be TRUE & Stay blessed.

I do tarot for fun and please don’t take it seriously. Yes they help a lot of people who seek guidance. Be true, you are amazing. Peace..πŸ‘

Yes I do Connect!!

How I use astrology/horoscope/tarot cards?

I look for my answers within myself first. Then I see how i am experiencing it. Last resort is everything that’s psychic. When all answers point towards something isn’t working or isn’t gonna work, I treat that part like a part-time thing.
Doesn’t matter whatever/whoever your demands or dreams are seeking, your mind is in your control.
Positivity is a choice, bullshit is an option.

It literally made me laugh!!

Yeah. Your life, relationship, career path & day-to-day growth all are pre-decided. Tarot cards do speak about the positive/negative energy with what’s the outcome. Sometimes my friends ask me to read their relationship issues & financial investment matters. Stock market investments things, I can say looking at my phone. But relationship things are shitty, I don’t want to be associated in other’s bullshit while dealing with mine.

People who live with their TRUTH have a strong intuition to build a better life. They need shit nothing to worry about future.

How Tarot cards work!!

How Tarot cards work & are those reading 100% true?


Yes tarot cards work, if you are in a good vibration to accept changes related to positive things about life. Who can see the bigger picture, they can relate to it. Even if you don’t believe in them, today or tomorrow you are living the life which is pre-decided for you. It’s not about your believe, it’s about staying positive with life & working towards being true to yourself+others. Even if you don’t believe in it, universe is always working in your favour to give/bring you the best. If you are pursuing something which is unrequited, it will be stripped out from your life today or tomorrow.

Reading Tarot cards is all about reading the current energies surrounding you & your soul.

In case you want any basic psychic knowledge from me, I am going to tell you one thing which will help you change your perception about horoscope, astrology or tarot cards maybe; We are born during a time & in a place when certain planets were revolving at certain paths. Sun controls your soul & moon relates to your mind/thought process. They just show a picture where destiny can lead you. We all have multiple destinies in the name of selection or options, but the best ones are already predefined/decided. Doesn’t matter how harder you try to change things, you are gonna walk in the path that’s meant for you. You have to cross them happily or forcefully. Universe knows how to maintain it’s balance.


Astrology/Horoscope/Numerology/Tarot Cards never dictate your life. It gives you a cheat-sheet to have a look at future, so that you can get ready for the best & worst.

True me.. Tap-25..

My friends are asking me questions about how I changed this much in past few months!!

Why I suddenly started believing in God, Astrology, Tarot cards, Horoscope & Future predictions?

My answer: Not all is true. I believe in me first. I listen & see everything, take my decision with only logic backing them. But all those things including God, they all matter to me. I apply a tiny thought to it “Take the best, leave the rest”.

Tap OUT..😘