Eyy Bestie.. It’s so you..

Yeah, nice Punjabi track. Let me explain it’s meaning to my non-brown mates. The girl’s hook of this song says:

“Promise today, you will buy me PRADA.
Or else keep staring at me from far away.
I will get a new lover easy peasy.”

Someone must have thought about my bestie bitch before writing this song’s lyrics. This can be the perfect GOLD DIGGER anthem.

SORRY Dumb Demi..
I adore you GRANNY..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜ muaaaaahhhh..

Granny.. Thank you again!!

I am lucky to have a person like you in my life who works as a mirror to my good/bad/up/low. It’s our TRUTH which never lets us go down. Doesn’t matter i am planning to write an article or I am freelancing, I can just stay sorted about a successful outcome when you are around. We are BEST FRIENDS for a reason. Fuck love and romantic bullshit, I don’t need those when you vibe some positivity on my life. And now:

Two major reasons behind my singlehood:

1. I hate liars. People always run away from accepting/speaking their TRUTH. That makes me afraid of going vulnerable emotionally. I can’t TRUST anyone easily.

2. My bestie granny never accepts “I AM SINGLE”.


Can’t explain what we were discussing. My bestie suggested to text with emojis for one whole day. Yes I failed. No flirtatious bullshit yet & nothing cooking. Dumb granny is little crazy, that’s it.πŸ˜‚

Back together!!πŸ˜†

We pull each other’s hair & fight like monkeys sometimes. We are best friends & we broke up from that equation just 9 times in past 4 months. Either ways I adore you granny. I know you will always find your way back to me, or else I will reach you. We are together for a reason, I am not gonna stop disturbing you till one of us dies.😜

Granny!! SORRY!!

I will never be able to make a way out of your life. You are a gem to me dumb demi. Sometimes I feel I do too little & hold you back, but I deserve it. You deserve the best of me & worst ones are free with it. This friendship between us is like a contract no-one will ever break. Thank you for being bestie to this stubborn baddie.

Being honest right now, I want to be in a relationship & say all those generic stupid lines like moon,star,heart,fart to my girl soon soon. I will let it build stronger first, later everything will fall into places quickly. I too feel someone needs to be with me instead of some. And I am getting a husky in 2019.

Granny.. It’s sooooo YOU!!

The best one in ALTERNATINO yet.
Anyone watching Comedy Central UK??
It’s more about Hispanic shit & dope fun.πŸ‘πŸ‘

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I am SORRY my bestie dumb demi. I saw it & I can’t stop thinking about you since then. Who else can replace your romantical desperation from those days!!


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Thank you Granny, Frank, Vero, Laura, Pravin and Busi for keeping me motivated with everything.
I am in love with myself, once again..😘