“Wer sein selbst Meister ist und sich beherrschen kann, dem ist die weite Welt und alles untertan.”
– Paul Fleming, German physician -1641

English translation: “He, who is master of himself and has command over his emotions, has at his feet the whole wide world and everything therein.”

True me.. Tap-42..

My love, kindness & appreciation mustn’t be mistaken as my weakness. I vibe with the positivity & I have the strength to kick out anything negative that’s not serving me anymore..

Tap OUT..😘

OK. What’s the takeaway?

A German daily said: 90% India is dirty. OK, Now Indians must agree to that, just peek through your window & the answer is there. Yeah, not 90 but it’s 55 maybe. Things are improving after New prime minister (Narendra Modi) took the seat, but internet & Hollywood is still happy looking at dirty India pictures (Not their fault).

About racial attacks over turks, street vendors & dark skin people by German mobs; Yeah that too needs an legal update.

The world is moving towards a global village, if people to people communication will reflect in the equation between diplomatic relations of two countries; the rest world is going to laugh at both. & Media people mustn’t portray such stupid instances to gain a momentum over other.

(All these shit is cooking during the visit of German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier to India). German opposition party is talking about their president losing strength & popularity, trust me that’s really new like my nephew pooping over my Jordans. They just forgot to talk money & investments this time. Because at current economic scenario both countries need that.

A glimpse of my A1 German skills..

Day1: ich heisse Tap.

Day2: guten morgen baby, du bist schon.

Day3: ich liebe dich mein engel.

Day4: ich will deinen arsch ficken.

Day5: English is the best language to communicate.

(The meaning of what’s written in Day4 is what i am dying for, when i look at her)

& My girl is going to thrash me when she goes through this post. SORRY DJ.