Pick up wack!! Best one- Hope SO..

This one is from my university days.

Yes, I was crushing over a raunchy brunette during those days. Definitely not Love, I was never ready for that. Once met that girl near bus stop during a rainy day. A tiny conversation lead to so much more later on, not a line. Just read it..๐Ÿ˜‚

Girl: Heya Tap. Where you wanna go in this weather?

Tap: Hey not much. It’s spar, to buy chicken breasts & wine.

Girl: I heard a lot about those late night parties in your apartment.

Tap: Yeah, I would love to invite you someday.

Girl: Is there a barbecue party tonight as well?

Tap: Yeah.

Girl: You shouldn’t invite me, I am totally wet because of this rain.

Tap: Rather I would love to invite you right now. Let me show you the right way to get wet. ๐Ÿ˜‚

(No further 18+ talks, I am a big flirt. & Yes I know how to scratch the right cord).


Some people put a front like they are happy as fuck, without any such gain. If you have sorrow or some emotions inside, pour it out to seem like a legit human.

You can’t catch a fish without hook. Stop damaging your own brain with mindgames.

True me.. Tap-46..

People may hurt, scold, betray, abuse & break your heart. Stay strong, don’t behave like a pussy. Everything happens for a reason. Your other side is earning their karma by misusing you. At the end someone beautiful is coming to clean all & adore you for what you are. Your Truth & goodness will be rewarded at any cost. Stay positive, vibe right.

Tap OUT..๐Ÿ˜˜

Break UP SEX!! Really??

Apparently my friends were suggesting to go on a banging spree last time when I told them about breaking up with a person who felt flat on standing on her ground to be a human. I just exited that part because that wasn’t serving me. If a relationship isn’t making you happy; you don’t need to break up from that person, you just need to come out from the bullshit they are trying to sell you. The day they will understand their own value, that person will figure out what’s best for them & you figure out what’s best for you.

In the name of break up, don’t go for stupid rebound sex bullshit. Some even end up in friends with benefits situations which attract more complications. That lowers your standard as a human even further. I make sure there is some standard in a person even when it’s a one night stand. That girl wasn’t even worth it. That was my reason for break up.

(Not gonna mention further details)

Tap my thoughts.. 13

Life is like a concert. Don’t go ahead & argue/fight with/for somebody towards any reason good or bad, it’s like you are stopping your own fun by wasting time on someone else who is all about negative vibe.

True me.. Tap-45..

Since the day you are born till today, all your actions are already written by your almighty. Call it destiny or call it your lifepath.

The only thing you can do is; understand your heart/head’s call & put it under logic to understand the truth, just follow it. You know where to move. Don’t prefer to live under regrets. You deserve happiness & love in your life. Smile..

Tap OUT..๐Ÿค—

Miss RightNOW.. Laura ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜‚

Sharing it with permission.
I heard this one before, but I loved it. We forget to value real people/love in search of instant gratification, few dickheads/pussies go even one step further with physical pleasure & couple bucks worth of materialistic gains. Money is something you earn with little respect & dignity to fetch your dreams/needs. I never understand those who fuck for money in the name of LOVE/relationship. You have the full potential in you to achieve way more than those few quids worth of materialistic bullshit.

Focus more on your financial independence & Mr/Miss Right instead of Mr/Miss RightNOW.

Sometimes I get to spend some quality time with this beautiful optimistic person, I love each moment of it. & Yes, I appreciate people who uplift me. I am more of a PDA kinda guy when my friendships are concerned. I am a naughty fuck, I accept that. But LOVE is something which is making me go on a soul searching journey, enjoying each moment of it. Allowing myself to get in touch with everything & everyone who bring happiness/joy to my life. A big THANK YOU to all who make me feel special & yes I need this.

Just ending it with a tiny big thought. I don’t want my love to be a competition among 7-8. Someone suggested me to open up heart & WhatsApp for communication with new folks, because I was feeling heartbroken. Now I am struggling to pick one, because some really chic angelic souls are showering tons of positivity & goodness on me. I deserve none to be honest. Keeping all doors open; if it’s love, let it happen. If it’s me being a strong stubborn prick who isn’t ready for romantic bullshit, please deal with that as well..

Tap OUT..๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜˜

True me.. Tap-44..

I am a nice fucker. In case you see me being a dick towards someone; please don’t judge, that piece of shit deserves even worse.

Tap OUT..๐Ÿ–๏ธ