It’s not about having the skill to do something. It’s about the will, desire & commitment to be your best.

– Robert Hernandez.

True me.. Tap-487..

With time moving up we see young people showing less intrest in relationships, basically most of us suck at COMMITMENT. Nobody answers you why!! But you will definitely spot a bunch of those who will say; “They are the perfect oak but weather is not helping. Claiming to be perfect is nothing but stupid”.

Answer: Expectations & optimism, It depends on what you expect from yourself & how optimistic you are about it!! There are many who aren’t stable with life, I am not talking about that problem. It’s just that, people know what they can ever be & becoming stable/rich someday is just an unachievable dream for them. This is what makes a person feel like they aren’t good enough. That’s where all desires start limiting one after another. And you never desire to buy a subway/train ticket to your next street in your city, you can do that anytime you want. You desire to travel/fly to Disneyland or a nice beach vacation out of your country and you start saving for that. Relationships are like that DESIRE, you invest little after little time to get something bigger one day. All sums up to; No matter it’s relationship or any other goals of your life; DESIRE BIG, HAVE EXPECTATIONS ONLY FROM YOURSELF, INVEST YOUR ENERGY WITH TIME, REMAIN OPTIMISTIC ABOUT THE OUTCOME & STAY AWAY FROM THE CHEAP IF YOU EVER WANT EXPERIENCE EXPENSIVE.

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I have seen people romanticizing stability or commitment with their out of style ways which results nothing but shitloads of sadness & grief in return. (Even before anyone asks I am mentioning here OUT OF STYLE means redundant, repetitive patterns, or something which used to work a while back but now it’s poo-poo hit the fan. I know few who use the translation button below to read in their language.)

There are many suffering without money & there are some who have money but still suffering because lack of gratitude. Living a meaningful life is actually an IDEA which helps you see yourself under a positive light, Truth & Gratitude are first two steps.

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Best proposal ever!!

I am made to receive & appreciate compliments, aaaaah Leo thing. Nothing exciting about that. But writing this post to value someone’s effort towards a proposal, talking about a buddy from my past who died this year march.

Her exact lines were “Tap, allow me come closer. Let’s buy life together. It took me long time to figure out that I am not just attracted towards you. No cheap flirting this time. I want you to accept me as yours and I will do rest.”

I was an asshole those days who used to decide whom to date looking at boots/boobs. My heart was scorn inside because of own mess. Out of confusion, I laughed at that proposal. She just hugged my arms lightly & told me not to be sorry. I really want to experience that goodness again. People never understand “Love is a amalgamation of attraction, attention, loyality, truth, trust & togetherness”. One thing goes missing, that relationship is meant to fall apart. Once in a day for 10-12 minutes I get a thought like “i want to be in a truthful stable commited relationship”, and I recover from that thought in next 10 minutes.😂

Peace to the sweetest girl I ever came across. You are alive somewhere, I see you.

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People with stable amount of income do show sometimes “they are ready for COMMITMENT”, just make sure his name is not TAP.😂

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Stop talking about how strong I am or what’s the power of WILLPOWER in me!!
Not flashing this one.

I have worked hard to reach here. Even when I am sitting/chilling; I AM STANDING, standing upto MY WORDS/COMMITMENTS/PROMISES..

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Commit to yourself & your happiness, before committing to someone else.

There is a difference between convenience & commitment. Understand that before letting your heart to fall in LOVE for someone..

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