A chameleon changes colours sensing it’s surroundings, that doesn’t mean it becomes beautiful after that.

True me.. Tap-206..

The only constant in life is “CHANGE”. Everything around you including your schedule, surrounding, people, people’s behaviour, your relationships/career/bank balance, your perspective towards seeing life, everything will change with time. You aren’t allowed to give up. Adapt & Advance towards a better tomorrow.

Tap OUT..🤗

True me..Tap-168..

It took me plenty of courage & strong will-power to become a human from a disastrous monster on the run. I know, I am True to myself & everyone else. I dreamed a life without lies, all who fit there are onboard already.

Tap OUT..💪

True me.. Tap-135..

My current status: Driven by kink & spoiled by LOVE.

Someday this will change slowly but surely. It will be “DRIVEN BY LOVE, SPOILED BY KINK“.

Tap OUT..😂😘

True me.. Tap-132..

Time will change & so do people. Only these 3 will remain TRUSTWORTHY in life;

  • Your Dog.
  • Your Money.
  • Your partner whose name starts with 27th alphabet.

Tap OUT..😜

True me.. Tap-125..

Yes I tried skating for a while, that’s the time I developed my love for VANS sneakers & hoodies. Actually my reason for skating was girls, I was seriously planning to woo a girl in the mix.

Yeah yeah early days of Tap, it didn’t work. I was a perfect asshole in those days & I was hella afraid whether that girl might start thinking more than what I wanted. The funniest part; school changed suddenly & I can’t even remember her name.😂

Tap OUT.😘