T-shirt gifted by bestie DEMI. Skin softening & lens blur by Google pixel camera app in portrait mode. Sweating little bit after intense workout. At the end, a random raving asshole on fire with tiny goals & typing such shit just to publish a stupid picture. Stay blessed.😜😘

Another day at work..

If you see that eye looking lousy, it’s all because of sleepless nights i spend reviving my small supplement business. Feeling tad wider with every moment passing. Thanks for throwing some attention or letting me feel that love. Some friends became family & i see my world in someone.

Another day at work!!

No. I am not a frequent flyer. I travel & work for money. The joy of travel is somewhat lost in me. I want to get it back soon, need her to hold me fast.

The annoying me!!

Here is an gigantic example of Tap fucking his Pixel’s camera manual mode with some stupid ISO tuning. Yes, it was an extreme low light situation. & I have no idea what was going on in my head while clicking this pic.