True me.. Tap-430..

Every Saturday or Sunday I devote 25 minutes to schedule next month’s posts you see here everyday 7am & 7pm. My friends suggest “I should write more words to elaborate it further or something like an article”. My problem is “I don’t have that much patience or drive to write something more than 100-200 words without getting paid for it”.😜

Still I see few people appreciate what I write & I swear I adore all. My expertise is limited to fields of data analytics, making little money with my business & punish myself with 200 push-ups when I eat an extra slice of cheesecake. Yeah I bake amazing sugar free cheesecake & sourdough pizza every weekend. Appreciated.

Tap OUT..🤗


If we aren’t talking at least once in a week, your LOVE or HATE matters nothing to me. I will keep living the banter life.

(I am seeing backbiting has become a real good timepass for few in this pandemic/lockdown situation. Those who talk behind are BEHIND for a reason.)

True me.. Tap-423..

If you wanna make money to afford your desires, SPOT ON you are on right track. If you are doing so to please people around you, then ask yourself once “what’s the necessity & is it even worth it!?”

People always play this People card which involves parents, partner, siblings, friends or own kids. What you do at the end is “flexing how good you are at in supporting others!!” Let’s be true, you did that only to satisfy your motives. Be blunt about your desires & motives instead. People or things, somehow both are temporary. When you work towards your desires, you are feeding your soul some healthy dose of happiness. There is nothing wrong in being selfish towards fetching your happiness.

Tap OUT..🤗