True me.. Tap-274..

What is the scariest part of a roller coaster?

Answer: Waiting in line.

Underwater. Tap OUT..✋

True me.. Tap-273..

I hate it when people spend time thinking about a thing since ages. There are two decisions exist in this world for anything/everything; YES or NO.

Let’s talk about how I roll. Do I get confused? Hell Yeah. Do I spend months/years thinking about it? Fuck no. Time costs a fortune. & I always have a trusty 2-quid coin in my pocket to toss and decide when I am stuck at something. The best part is, “I know how to feel it’s a HEAD or TAIL & flip it inside my palms before seeing the result”. Basically I do the fuck I wanna do, most of the time it’s my logic driven head who wins & I follow it religiously.

Tap OUT..😘

True me.. Tap-271..

I don’t understand motivational quotes & videos. & Please don’t think “I am writing something here to motivate people”. I write whatever kicks my ass to get up & go. If that works for you, I am delighted. If it doesn’t, you know it’s an “IF”.

Tap OUT..😉

True me.. Tap-270..

I see young people crying/mourning over heartbreak. We all have been through this. Let me help you with two lines “RIGHT ONE WILL COMMIT AT RIGHT TIME. WRONG ONE WILL GIVE SOME RIGHT HEADS”. Learn to appreciate both, take life with a pinch of salt. Everything isn’t as good/bad as you see.

Tap OUT..🖐️