Leo TRAITS. No subtle..😜

I shared this because my bestie keeps on pinching me with such screenshots & sights 2-3 examples of me being a dick occasionally. Either ways THANKS. I hope it makes someone aware, smile or laugh.😘


Can’t explain what we were discussing. My bestie suggested to text with emojis for one whole day. Yes I failed. No flirtatious bullshit yet & nothing cooking. Dumb granny is little crazy, that’s it.πŸ˜‚

Dorky chap!!

Yep i misuse my friends. You are allowed to behave like a dong & my stupid blog will get few more clicks. Guess this sucker’s name & a papa john’s all meat pizza on me.(To CMU boozies)😜

True me.. Tap-97..

Leo season!! One tiny LEO Fact..

If a LEO wants you, you are their PREY. TRUST ME, they will get you.

If a LEO abandons you, you are rejected by a lion-hearted king/queen. You will definitely try to hide it and hold back, your true happiness is smashed for rest life. It will be MEMORY, a painful one.

I am not into the divine or emotional side to such matters. But I acknowledge LEO is ruled by SUN. We all LEOs are loyal, energetic, confident & a badass TRUE self by nature.πŸ’ͺ

Tap OUT..😜

All elements Tarot PREDICTIONS (AUGUST-2019)..

Here’s a 3-Card spread for each element.
Mainly focused on your sun sign(COLLECTIVE).
It may or may not connect with everyone, tarot picks the energy not the outcome. You always have your free will. Suggestions are for those who seek.

We all mess it up, don’t lose hope. You first need mental peace & emotional stability for being a better individual/being successful. Definitely it’s your life, deal it with Truth, pride & happiness.

I don’t like talking about relationship predictions, take it how it resonates. It may be associated to work or family situations as well.


Some good communication(Card-1) which gave you enough courage to embark on a new journey like a direction-less playful happy fool(Card-2). At the end someone is giving you bread crumbs after promising a full course meal(Card-3), or trying to balance the scale of situation what you went through. I don’t think this is what you are looking for at the end of such a beautiful effort/promise in your communication.

Air sign people; In case you resonate with this, just don’t accept whatever/whoever coming your way. Understand your worth and ask yourself “Are you happy/fulfilled with what you are receiving for your efforts?” It’s time to separate your friends and frenemies, not all approach with purity in heart/mind. Don’t let your emotions take you on a ride. Take lessons from past & move ahead towards your own well-being. Being selfish isn’t bad at points when you know the TRUTH.


You are left out in cold(Card-1). You are waiting for communication(Card-2). You are either juggling/manipulating between people, work or something only you know(Card-3).
Scenario 1: You are badly stuck in your head about how to balance work & family/love life.
Scenario 2: Your partner came to know about you juggling between two people, now you are left out in cold by them & waiting for some communication to make amends. Basically it’s a betrayal/cheating from your side. Deal with it how you can.

Earth sign individuals are known for stability, deep thinking and loyality, it’s sad that none of you are in your elements. Focus on your finances/career. In love, you are showing tremendous non-committal ways that too topped with a thick layer of ego & indecisiveness. Same shit going on since past couple of months. Instead of micromanaging each situation with lies, try TRUTH/ask for some help (Either reach a psychiatrist/a saint or your best friend for counseling, as preferred & whom you believe). Stick/pick one if you name it LOVE, or be single and enjoy life till you are sure about entering a relationship. Being deceitful with complete knowledge is sign of a sick retarded weak mindset. Love can’t prosper/start under lies.


Knight of wands is my Playboy/Playgirl card who is all about power and passion, who gets frustrated in case he/she isn’t getting what’s needed for the present moment. He is also known as the action taker(Card-1). The world is all about completions, a major life cycle/job/relationship or maybe the pages in your passport is not left for more seals. Something is completed/ended or needs a reboot, either start from scratch or skip it. This also talks about relocation from one place to another(Card-2). You have a offer of job or some sort of financial opportunity. Page of Pentacles is about wisdom & abundance(Card-3).

You fire sign people; in case you are done hanging/banging/travelling around the world this month, you have an offer related to work or business on the horizon. Examine it properly before accepting. Rejection is a pleasure too if it’s not coming from a right place with Legit intentions. Not much in relationship department for you. But Venus is in LEO right now which is the ruling planet of LOVE. All fire signs must be feeling the warmth. Have some fun with the attention you are getting. Life is about being happy without hurting others and not having illicit intentions.


Death to the old ways. You have something to finish before something to begin(Card-1). You are thinking about it a lot for quite a while(Card-2). Four of wands is all about that happy life happy wife 11:11 card. Maybe after a long time you are starting something or finishing something to start something. And at the end you are getting immense happiness. Of course it’s relating to your past person or past efforts of a really long time. Your efforts reached a fruition(Card-3).

Not much to say. I think you all water sign people are ready to enter a healthy happy relationship/commitment/marriage or a new job contract in coming days. You people are amazing me since past 2 months. I haven’t seen such loyal hearts and fabulous manifestors. You deserve this beautiful begining you were working towards since quite long. Some blessings come from GOD & some from Universe. You are enjoying blessings from Universe. Be TRUE & Stay blessed.

I do tarot for fun and please don’t take it seriously. Yes they help a lot of people who seek guidance. Be true, you are amazing. Peace..πŸ‘

Relationship TAROT (13-31-July-2019)..

Let’s read cards first. I will tell you more later. This is for collective, irrespective of any SUN-MOON-RISING Zodiac/Element.

1. Knight of Wands: This card represents FIRE element (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). It talks about Power, Passion & Frustration too. Basically Knight of Wands is a fast moving person/feelings who can jump/switch between places or people if he/she isn’t getting what’s needed. This is the play boy/girl your parents adviced you to stay away. 😜

2. The Moon: The moon is card for Cancer Zodiac. It’s a element under WATER sign, which is all about thoughts. Thoughts can be about Illusions, Psychic messages or dreams.

3. The Hermit: This card represents zodiac sign VIRGO under element EARTH. The behaviour of the person you are dealing with has put you under a stress/trauma. It can also point towards deep contemplation about a situation/person, that’s why you entered HERMIT mode. Just thinking & thinking without making any moves or taking any actions. It’s about a period of silent pause.

4. Knight of Pentacles: This is also a card under element EARTH, but represents Zodiacs of Aquarius/Capricorn/Pisces. Which talks about reputation/reliability/results/risk. So now that you have enough information about the situation/person after so many things going in your head/heart, you have a clear picture about what to give/get. The problem with this card/situation is; this is the slowest moving knight in entire deck & this slowness can make otherside feel bored.

You need to fasten up your thought or moves to get what/whom you need. After having a heart to heart conversation with yourself, you realised the value of yourself & your person. It’s time to build something beautiful with someone stable & mature who knows how to stand/walk their TRUTH.

Now mercury already in retrograde & next full moon on 16-July-2019, YES all emotions will pour out emotionally & some in action too. Before reaching a conclusion, wait till retrograde period is over on 02-August-2019. I am not only saying this in perspective of relationships, maybe you are planning to start a new job or business as well. Just stay away from all reboot or anything new for a while, things done during this timeframe are short-lived.

(N.B: Guidance are for those who seek. If you have a strong head & heart; please avoid such readings & follow your intuition.)

Leo Tarot Predictions July-August 2019..

I usually do 3-4 Card spreads for Zodiac or Monthly collective. This time it’s 8, because I am a LEO as well. So my point is “It’s OK to be SELFISH“.

Leo is a fixed zodiac under fire element.
Birthday 23-July to 22-August.

Let me jump into card reading.

1. Three of swords: You are going through a heartbreak since quite long time. Either it has to do with “Love Triangle” or a work situation which is at a standstill.

2. The Devil: Again “The Devil” represents a toxic situation. It can be overindulgence or addiction related to work/drugs/smoking/drinking issues/relationship. It’s something which isn’t fulfilling you anymore. Anything which is more or less is Toxic. Maybe you are dealing with a Toxic partner in a relationship or a job which is making you overworked for less pay. Suit yourself where you stand.

3. Strength: Strength is a LEO card. You should be happy to be in your own card spread. 😜 It represents finally you have enough strength to tackle/deal with this toxic situation or heartbreak that you was going through.

4. The Magician: Magician is all about manifesting new life, new romantic feelings for someone, new beginnings, new career paths, new situations which may take your current love life to next level. Maybe you are planning something big, something which is gonna bring lots of abundance.

5. The World: “The World” is all about completions. You are either completing a unfavorable relationship or job situation. You are completing a major life cycle/lesson & successfully walking towards a new one. It also represents relocation, travel & switching places, maybe a new city/country or a new apartment.

6. Eight of Cups: Disappointment, Withdrawal or Escaping. As previous cards also mentioned something related to such things. You are walking away from past trauma & bad experiences.

7. Ace of Pentacles: It’s a new financial or career opportunity which will bring immense abundance to your life. It’s a offer from universe for your hard work. In Tarot world, it’s the “Money Rain” card. πŸ‘

8. Ace of Swords: Breakthroughs, Mental Clarity, Success. I am summarising these all in one sentence “YOU WILL BE TOTALLY FINE“. Whatever that happened or you went through; maybe it’s toxic people or work environment, let past be in past. Karma will take care of them. At the end; you are walking towards a abundant life with tons of money & happiness.

I am giving little insights with some astrology & planetary positions. Almost all planets are in retrograde at this moment. Mars in LEO & two full/new moons in july, I can totally sense your intuition is on point. If you don’t trust or feel something fishy, chances are you are completely right. During July-August, I definitely know all Leo are partying or vacationing to their fullest. We all LEO dare to live life like an adventure. I wish you all a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” in advance. Find your happiness & find it within yourself. Yes, there is no shortage of offers in love & career opportunities for LEO. Pick something/someone for your highest good. Don’t hesitate to cut through the crap which isn’t serving you anymore. Just ask yourself what you want, any direction is safe because of your purity & happiness.

➑️Now Leo men in case you are dealing with any water sign or a new Aries at this point, I can definitely congratulate you for breaking bed this whole summer. I know my brothers are on top of their game. Make the best or most of it how you prefer. Keep that passion & loyality alive. 😜

➑️Leo ladies if you are dealing with any Earth or Air sign men, rest assured that there is a third party situation going on from your side or their side. You better know what to do. Exit it or mend it. Start your chapter with a grounded beginning somewhere you find Happiness which involves TWO, not THREE. Don’t sail two boats at the same time.

One tip/request to anyone in a relationship or looking for one despite who you are: “HAVE THE BALLS/OVARY TO STAY STUCK TO ONE DICK/PUSSY IF YOU CALL IT LOVE.” In case you wanna fuck around, stop fucking around with people who have genuine emotions. Tell them & the world that, you are happy the way you are getting rimmed or rammed. Explore your self worth, people will either value you less-priced or PRICELESS looking at your character.

(I hope, I was able to show you a workable practical path. & Don’t take it seriously if your intuition is strong towards anything/anyone. Guidance is given to those who seek.)

Mercury Retrograde.. (07-July-2019 To 02-Aug-2019)

So. What to expect during retrograde periods!!

1. The best & funniest one, Ex returning with immense love & utter bullshit. Whatever comes back to you, I can swear you that’s not gonna last. Don’t name it love, it’s just some thoughts which will start fast & never reach fruition. Better name it summer fling, enjoy it & put it under rug after its validity is over. This comeback or even if it’s a new relationship which forms during this timeframe is written to end in weeks or months.

2. Monetary investments during this time may result more in loss. If you have plans to start stock market trading or some kind of long term financial investment, hold it back for a while.

3. Relocation may hit to so many people. But they are definitely going to give you a fruitful resolution in case you are on your way to school/University. If no, take a break. Movements related to job may also feel like a situation between rock & stone. Don’t overthink, everything will fall into places with time.

4. Indecisiveness is way too common during this timeframe. Just stay focused on what you are habituated to, I mean your usual life. Don’t open new chapters or dead chapters. Stay away from major decisions. Be positive.

Just be you. You don’t need to change yourself for something/someone else. Stop moulding yourself to get into someone’s life (Vice Versa). You can’t fit a square in a circle. Get your mind & emotions right. Be fair about things. Done.

(A secret between me & my LEO brothers: ssssshhhhhhhhh I know what’s cooking between you & that Aries or Water sign bombshell). 😜