Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do.

– John R. Wooden.

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What brings you happiness? Is it more money, a fancy car, it’s easy to think that things like a better job, a bigger home or someone special can make you happier!?!

A lot of people believe that if they fulfill their desires, they would be satisfied having goals and working toward them as great. Which is completely true. Being a human we must cater to our desires & goals for our happiness. We live in a world which runs on material growth. But when your happiness depends solely on achievement, you’ll end up doing more harm than good instead of just focusing on getting your wants. It’s much easier to find happiness by ridding yourself of the things that aren’t serving you. Start this year by getting rid of people & things you don’t want. Before that understand what you need & what you want. It’s tough, but a lighter head and heart is just a start.

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Today i am gonna talk about “How COMFORT ZONE is killing you from within!!” Do you feel satisfied with your accomplishments in life? Are you where you want to be? A surprising amount of people will answer NO to these questions. You might be one of those people who haven’t made satisfactory progress in life, often failed to reach goals because they’re stuck inside their comfort zones. It’s much easier to keep doing the same things & stay within the confines of familiarity. Breaking out of your comfort zone needs choosing and uncertainty. However, if you want to achieve your goals and make lasting progress in life, you need to choose growth instead of comfort in some situations. Your comfort zone is actually holding you back.

You won’t discover your true self in comfort zone. We often choose to remain within our comfort zones because it’s safe and easy when things are familiar. The future is predictable. There’s no risk and no fear. This might sound like a great thing. Without fear, challenge and risk, you’re unlikely to understand yourself on a deep level. When you choose to take on a challenge, face your fears and overcome them, you’re choosing to engage in an act of learning experience where the subject matter is you and although these situations are often scary. You need to practice stepping out of your familiar space if you want to learn more about who you are. When you take risks, you discover more about what makes you tick, what your strengths are and what you need to work on as you take journey of self-discovery, you’ll find your true self, a version of you with deep wisdom and power that you didn’t even know was there. Once you step outside of your comfort zone you’ll begin to connect with your hidden self, opening doors along the way to personal growth, positive changes & a fuller understanding of deep love with self . Without discomfort you’ll never know this progress.

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The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE, keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just a small fire makes a small amount of heat.

– Napoleon Hill.

This is just a random fun video on Donald Dump which got nothing to do with the post above. Watch it at your own risk. Have a blissful sunday ahead.


Excellence is not a gift but a skill that takes practice. We do not act right because we are excellent. In fact, we achieve excellence by acting rightly.

– Plato.

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There was a time in my life when I used to hit gym every morning without fail, continued it for 3 whole years. Understood the capabilities of my body & mind, started feeling/looking the best version of myself after hitting that 5% bodyfat goal. I was always on schedule to sleep at night, because I was excited to wake up for 5AM morning workout. Body and mind both were on sync which helped me break my own comfort zone once again.

Yeah there were few who tried to stereotype me about my interest in gym & workout. The best part; all those who were saying that used to look like “Some Dad turned 50 & his only achievement is his beer belly”. How the fuck can “Gym” or “Workout” be a stereotype!! If it is, it is the best STEREOTYPE to be. At the end I must say “The difficulty in physical training/diet & lifestyle, handling such stereotypes with peace, all make you a DISCIPLINED person while strengthening your CHARACTER”.

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One can’t be present while looking backward or for that matter forward as well. Sounds little tricky, but this is about PAST or FUTURE. Let’s look at it like this “As humans we often get caught up in thoughts about past achievements or failures. And sometimes, it’s living in our dreams of future that hinder us from seeing the potential of PRESENT”. We tend to forget that present counts more than past and future. The steps taken in present are more important than the memories of past or dreams of future. You need to learn how to deal with past & future while living in present.

Lessons from past & dreams of future must become the driving force of PRESENT.

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I have lost it hundred times before getting it, but the excitement of having it kept on pushing me further. I am talking about the little things I achieved in my 20something life. Proud to say “I earn/buy my desires & I am missing nothing”.

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