Never let anyone waste your time, twice.


True me.. Tap-321..

Yesterday I had a tiny sweet & sour 2-minute silence kinda beef with my future boo over being “GOD FEARING or GOD LOVING”. Yeah, stupid topic I know.

I am not a strong believer in God or religion, but I agree about one positive invisible power somewhere above protecting us somehow. There is no race for how religious you are compared to others or what’s your attendance in sunday-mass/church/temple/mosque. Ofcourse your prayers are heard, but it’s all upto your God whether they will be answered or not!! So if you believe in God, consider him as your FRIEND insted of considering him as your angry grumpy grandpa. After that you can easily have a usual chat with your FRIEND about desires & day to day life whenever you got little free time. (Btw if you are doing some shit like Pablo Escobar or any other unforgivable sin, you deserve to be GOD FEARING. Do anything/everything without hurting others. Forgiveness is a hoax, sins always get served with punishments.)

There is one way that I follow, “BE TRUTHFUL & KIND to everyone you get in touch with”. That’s the only thing GOD wants to teach you no matter you believe in him or not.

(This is a scheduled post typed before a while. Whatever mentioned here is actually a message I want to share first with my stupid gullible over enthusiast religious mate Matt. Rest whoever reading this can agree/disagree delightfully, you are welcome & appreciated.)
Tap OUT..😘


Everyone can say what you can’t do, but nobody except you can answer “what you can do”. Believe in yourself has a lot of gist in it.

True me.. Tap-320..

HAPPINESS is a feeling & a lesson as well. You can’t be happy with someone while being unhappy with yourself. Same applied from the other side, “never expect from yourself that you can keep others happy with you while being unhappy with yourself”, you can’t.

Either ways there is always an easy TAP-TIP for every little thing; Try to live a simple life where you don’t need to lie/hide anything. Negativity held within makes us heavier to move ahead towards life killing own clean emotions. Happiness is nothing but living a guiltless lighter life.

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True me.. Tap-319..

Don’t serve the same opposite thing when someone hates you or jealous of you, that will feed their negative energy in expense of your positive vibe.

Examine those hate/jealousy once in a while whether they are right at any point. If you find anything true in their words, it can be an opportunity in disguise to rectify yourself & grow bigger/better. If they are wrong about you, then too be happy because someone is still investing time in you while you are moving ahead with life.

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