True me.. Tap-381..

Mama once said: “EGO is alive because there is denial of TRUTH. Be TRUTHFUL. Grow self-respect, not ego. You are made to RESPECT, ROAR, RUMBLE, RELAX, be REAL & RESPONSIBLE”.


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Most people chasing “Good looks” lack “Good thoughts”.

Yeah it’s my real birthday today, nothing special to be honest. I get more HAPPINESS when my bank balance gets fatter. Here’s my tiny wish for those who wished me; Wishing you a ton of strength, positivity, health, harmony & prosperity. With truth we vibe. Have a good one”.

True me.. Tap-380..

Till the time you have a strong control over your present, you can’t win FUTURE. Never fake shit to others about yourself while following this journey from present to future. Remember it’s better to be hated for what you are rather than to be loved for what you are not.

Being miserable, loving or happy, all starts from your habits. Habits are cultivated from your choices & the only thing you can make is a CHOICE. No matter situations are good or bad, always “THERE IS A CHOICE”.

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True me.. Tap-379..

Stay away from those people who mess with these two words “Priority” & “Option”. Every sort of human interactions & equations require balance. If you are going through some odd situation related to these, stop dealing with it right away even though the EXPLANATION seems right from opposite side. Those who like you will never need an explanation, those who don’t like will never believe in one. Now the worst one; someone must have made you cry causing little emotional instability inside you, in this situation find emotional balance within yourself after cutting that person/situation off your life. A negative person gets energy when good people entertain their nonsense. For these type of morons “There is no tomorrow with a change & it’s your responsibility to never offer them a chance”. Few easy messy TRUTHS of life.

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True me.. Tap-378..

There is a reason behind I love TRUTH & TRUTHFUL people: TRUTH has only one simple easy storyline which makes life sensible & easy to navigate. Meanwhile LIE has no base or logic creating multiple instances of deceptive sick pretentious bullshit which lacks substance. Now the funny part “A liar lies out of habit, not because of choice. It’s their comfort zone”.

Pick the simple one, both in storyline & people.

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True me.. Tap-377..

Demonstrating our selflessness shows true intentions. It’s impossible to have a belief that wouldn’t reflect in our actions. Truthfully our actions are proof what we really believe. If a life of meaningful impact is what you truly seek, then selflessness is a cardinal virtue you have to demonstrate constantly continuously.

You should learn to be accomodating, open & helpful to people even when you barely know them. When this becomes your life habit, it is proof that you have attained some form of growth because truly mature people lead selfless lives. They are always ready to give and help the improvement of others. Two key lessons towards a meaningful living: SELFLESSNESS & BEING SELF-INVESTED.

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