Stop looking for shortcuts. If it’s worth it, you will find a way.

True me.. Tap-356..

The first time I tried to climb a tree was equally terrifying for me as I tried to climb a mountain. There was a fear or FAILURE. I failed in both during my first attempt. The failure with tree was not that bad because it was my backyard & I was just 8 years old. But the first attempt with mountain wounded my calf muscles & knee real bad. I tried/practiced & successfully climbed that same mountain second time after taking a tiny break to heal.

The best part; both incidents/accidents were mad fun for me. Now I have two stories where I succeeded. “SOMETIME FAILURES ARE FUN”.

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Laziness is the beginning of inconsistency & instability in life. There is nothing great created by a lazy person in this world. Solution is nothing but a disciplined mindset.

True me.. Tap-355..

“Wer nicht vorwärts geht, der kommt zurücke.”

Line from a poem by Goethe “Hermann und Dorothea”. English Translation: If you’re not going forward, you’re going backward.

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Set an amazing goal & let it scare you till you achieve it. What’s the point of life if you don’t at least try to fetch something remarkable!!

True me.. Tap-354..

Every ending or beginning has a ONE-DAY & DAY-ONE written over it. There are times when we get stuck in our head about something for a long long time, Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness.

Keep those things away from life which don’t help you live postive & think positively. Keeping own head occupied with things that matter is a challenge but keep trying. You can’t go to next chapter if you keep on reading the same page every single time. NOTHING CHANGES IF NOTHING CHANGES.

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True me.. Tap-353..

Johny, Johny, Yes, Papa.
Eating sugar? No, Papa.
Telling lies? No, Papa.
Open your mouth, hahaha!!

This tiny childhood nursery rhyme is still a lesson/reminder to few adults. What it teaches is; “You aren’t allowed to lie after committing a mess, no matter you are little Johny or whatever your age”. We humans are made to do amazing new mistakes & learn from it, not to repeat it. Lie didn’t work with Johny in this rhyme when his dad found sugar in his mouth. The best thing about a lie/liar is; it’s just predictable. Any moment you want to show up with a headstrong attitude towards life like a winner, first show up with your side of TRUTH.

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Every next step major step of your life will demand a different & better version of you. So first find a balance between what you have to be & what you want to be.

True me.. Tap-352..

Yes, we humans are afraid of FAILURE. So many times we have fear of doing wrong, saying wrong, anger, agony, lying, cheating & deceit. This way of fearful living holds us back towards all positive aspects of life.

Instead of keeping that FEAR alive & being stuck, once start thinking “Will you be happy to carry the same FEAR within next year as well!?”. This should be your FEAR. Change yourself & love yourself bit more to see the bright side of life.

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