True me.. Tap-543..

How real is FOMO!?! Believing others are better off. The common saying “the grass is greener on the other side” can feel painfully true, especially in our modern world of influencers, social media and the fear of missing out associated to it. It’s common for people to present their lives online in a way that depicts only the best, the most glamorous pets, exotic trips, luxury purchases, a wild success. But sometimes glamour is entirely false, some people are more likely to lie online than in person. Although some may lie to protect their privacy, many invent stories to convince their followers that they’re living a spectacular life when they’re entirely ordinary. This delusion often convinces others that they are somehow failing at the game of life. Even worse, it causes self-blame and feelings of isolation. Know that most people don’t have it as good as they make it seem on social media.

Everyone experiences struggle and imperfection. If they say otherwise, they’re lying. Let go of the belief that you’re worse off than other people. Having what you think other people possess is not the solution. That desire is often a source of unhappiness. You are amazing on your own, your only competition & motivation should be a better version of you.

Tap OUT..🤗

4 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-543..

  1. I stay away from all that nonsense – I just want to love life not care about what people have or who they are – big deal lol … that effects my life how?

    Good for them – I am over here rebuilding ✌️😘 and also handling lots of death so all this materialistic or self absorbed world I just don’t pay attention to

    I don’t do social media so that helps ALOT!

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      1. Well yes it is, but that’s not my thing. But that is true, on both accounts – so I just stay away 😊❤️✌️ works for me

        If you want it – you can have it. ✌️😘

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        1. I am active in “snapchat” because of my high school & university friends. Deleted facebook account in 2011. I hate instagram & never installed tiktok in my phone. That’s my story about social media.😜

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