Something is beautiful until it’s not. Doesn’t matter what you see, it’s about how you see!!

True me.. Tap-390..

We all learn from mistakes. It’s better to learn from someone else’s mistakes instead of committing same mistakes. Own mistakes break us badly and that lesson becomes hard. Things that hurt teach us major lessons.

There is a saying “ONE MAN’S FAULT IS OTHER MAN’S LESSON”. If you have the luxury, never ever put other people down.

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True me.. Tap-389..

We are living in a world where people are hated for being real & loved for being fake, let’s say it’s filled with NEEDY GREEDY morons. Such people can’t be loyal to anything except their needs. If you wanna evolve to become a better human, distance yourself from those who lack moral & character.

My takeaway is; I love the way I am. I will always remain to be a stronger stable me, your love to my heart & hate to my ass. Both appreciated.😘

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True me.. Tap-388..

One can’t be present while looking backward or for that matter forward as well. Sounds little tricky, but this is about PAST or FUTURE. Let’s look at it like this “As humans we often get caught up in thoughts about past achievements or failures. And sometimes, it’s living in our dreams of future that hinder us from seeing the potential of PRESENT”. We tend to forget that present counts more than past and future. The steps taken in present are more important than the memories of past or dreams of future. You need to learn how to deal with past & future while living in present.

Lessons from past & dreams of future must become the driving force of PRESENT.

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BESTIE BITCH: One & only pain in my ass!!🤪

We are the worst duo ever. When I want to surf, she wants to shop. When I want to eat, she wants to empty the entire bottle of booze. When I want to workout, she wants to go stargazing. When I want to watch Tom & Jerry, this bitch literally wants to know everything about Marvel cinematic universe that too from my mouth & suddenly starts fighting with me over which pizza tastes the best or why black pudding is the shittiest thing in a full monty breakfast. The summary of this entire post is; I got a real good bimbo as my bestfriend since forever, let’s say since past 530 years.

Can’t finish this post without thanking DEMI for being there to handle this 76 kilo huge baby monster named TAP. Congratulations for your master’s degree, I wasn’t expecting you can clear backlogs this year as well fr. But 2020 is a surprising menace, so is your interest in studies. I am happy they cancelled university ball, I hated those dance rehearsals over facetime. Keep slaying and I hate it when you use my apartment like your dad’s credit card. Btw you must consider returning your dad’s credit card back to him. Swear i will not be single for long, so please get a guy for yourself. Here’s my sweet slap to your all 4 cheeks. Congrats again. You are adored, always. I have taken a long time to figure out “I wanna wow/woo someone”, FYI my future boo will totally hate our equation. Have a good one. Muuaaahhh..😙

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True me.. Tap-387..

It took me a while to figure out my purpose. Now when I think of life, my today is as amazing as the word “AMAZING”. I am too much busy with my work at morning, then comes little workout/swimming or shopping at evening & I am hella sleepy at night. I don’t know how people get time to plan or entertain bullshit. In my part, I don’t even have time left to get WORRIED for my own mess. THE REASON WHY I LOVE BUSY DAYS & BUSY ME.

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